Monday, July 7, 2008

First Official Crawl

Last night Norah started crawling. She didn't waste her time with any army-crawling, but instead began to go across the floor on her hands and knees at a turtle's pace. Slow and steady. She'd been crawling a few "steps" at a time for awhile, but last night it was like something clicked and now she can crawl for real. Atticus is delighted and has taken to crawling in circles around her (after weeks of not crawling in favor of walking) and laughing with her. They both seem to think this is a wonderfully fun development. Now they can both reach the dog's water bowl on their own! I really should be putting them down for their nap about now but they're having such a good time that I hate to break up the party.


Christina said...

Go Norah! We should really get our three mobile ones together when I get back.

Ed said...

Go Norah, Go you can have races with your brother around the house and drive your mother nuts chasing you both. See you all soon.