Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ready for the Choir

Norah has discovered how to clap. She sits in the bathtub and rocks her entire torso back and forth as she brings her hands together. She looks like a very happy member of a gospel choir.

When she wakes up at night she can be hard to put back down because It's Just So Much Fun to Be Awake!!! When you have feet to look at!!! And brothers to kick!!! And you can roll around!!! Those of you who went to high school with Paul will understand what he means when he says that it's like having an infant version of Rachel B. Rachel is one of the most optimistic and enthusiastic people I've ever met. I would have to main-line Mountain Dew to work up her degree of energy. It's so delightful to see Norah's sunny disposition develop. She was happy but very quiet when we first brought her home. Now it's like she's filled with champagne bubbles.

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