Monday, June 30, 2008

Liz Is Married!

On Saturday one of my oldest friends got married outside of Philadelphia. Liz and I have known each other for as long as I can remember; our mothers were childhood friends and our grandmothers grew up knowing one another as well.

The wedding was beautiful and Liz looked gorgeous in her gown and mother's veil. In addition to all the stress of last-minute wedding planning, Liz and Joe closed on their first house last week. They're such a calm and welcoming couple, however, that you never would have guessed that it had been a chaotic week for them.

My favorite perk at the reception was a black and white photo booth. Guests were instructed to take their pictures and then post them on black pieces of paper with a message for the guestbook. Everyone had so much fun with it and I predict the guestbook will be one of their most treasured items from the wedding. The picture below is one Liz and I took together. You can see the paperclip on the side holding it to the guestbook. Paul and I drove with the kids to the Philadelphia area. Paul drove through the night on Thursday in hopes that the kids would sleep the whole way. They were pretty good in the car, but I have vowed to keep them out of their car seats today if at all possible.

Paul was a hero this weekend. Norah and Atticus were a little overwhelmed by the many, many adults at the rehearsal party and wedding reception so Paul ended up leaving early with them both nights. I spent a lot of time last week picking out new outfits for them to wear at the wedding but then got distracted by my bridesmaid duties and forgot to take any pictures of them! They loved swimming in the hotel pool, racing around the room, and especially enjoyed the king-sized bed.

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