Friday, June 13, 2008

A Letter to the Man at the Gas Station

Dear Sir Pumping Gas Next to Me,

Local gas prices of $4.19 per gallon sure are hitting everybody hard. I certainly don't like filling up the tank of my small Toyota and seeing my fuel cost over forty dollars. I wanted to thank you for giving me a good chuckle today. It's not every day that someone has the audacity to complain while pumping gas into their brand-new, still with temporary plates, Cadillac Escalade.

I'm sure you were looking for commiseration, but I really didn't have it in me. I peeked at your gas pump and saw your fuel cost over $120. Because I couldn't get this out of my head, I came home and researched the Escalade and found that your monthly car payment (assuming you didn't pay cash) is more than twice my monthly mortgage.

Perhaps you can consider the ability to pay for and squander all that fuel as a part of the status symbol of your vehicle. At any rate, please don't complain to me because it makes me feel very cranky.

The Woman Who Researched Fuel Efficiency Before Purchasing a Car


John Gensic said...

What's the mpg on your Matrix? Does it fit all the baby equipment?

Life in the Bend said...

Our Matrix is an '03 and gets about 30 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway. Ours is an automatic and we've been really happy with it. It fits the two carseats, double stroller, and the dog (though that is a tight squeeze).

Tricia said...

Just another way to look at this...

The man next to you a the gas station could possibly have a large family AND enough money to buy a luxury vehicle in which to drive them around. I have a large family (8 kids to be exact) and drive a Ford excursion because I need to. I'm sure people look at me at the gas station and judge. I do bemoan the cost of gas these days when it takes 100+ dollars to fill it and fantasize about owning a Prius. Reality is that the large car is necessary, not just a status symbol. :) Kari