Friday, June 20, 2008

Last night at a picnic for Paul's company there was a petting zoo. I was so proud of my kids for patting the bunnies and ducklings gently. Then Atticus found a rabbit poop and popped it into his mouth. It's good to know just how fast my finger-swiping reflex is.

We have a lot of new developments to be proud of around here. Norah started repeating dog, dog, dog, dog, dog yesterday at the supermarket when Atticus and I were discussing treats for Stella. She's also waving hello and goodbye. She uses her entire arm while taking joy in moving her shoulder blade. It's pretty darn cute.

Atticus not only brings us books to read but hands one to me, sits in my lap, and then goes to get another book when we're done reading. He apparently conquered his fear of grass at the picnic and wandered around the field chasing a soccer ball and looking for Paul.


Roselady said...

Glad to here Atticus is getting around -- he must be feeling better after his surgery. And, great to hear that Norah is working on words.

Alexandra said...

Isn't it amazing how having kids really hones your reflexes? :-)

Nutmeg said...

They are getting so big, so fast.

In Atticus's defense, rabbit poop does look like milk duds.