Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby Shoplifter

Norah helped herself to a huge stalk of asparagus today at the farmers market. The booth owner was nice enough to let her keep it and she happily chewed on it until we put her in her car seat.

I had to laugh when I heard Paul just tell someone that 50% of our children are good sleepers. It sounds a little better when you put it that way.

I know people are waiting for new pictures to be posted. My mom very generously loaned me her laptop to use while mine is being repaired. Unfortunately it doesn't always cooperate when I try to upload new pictures. I should have my own computer back next week, but until then I'm stealing some of my mom's pictures from the week we came home from Ethiopia. The kids have grown so much!

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Alexandra said...

Beautiful kids as always. Happy Father's day!