Monday, June 23, 2008

60 Minutes

Did anyone else see the 60 Minutes story on Plumpynut last night? The story was shot in Niger where Plumpy Nut is being distributed to combat malnutrition and starvation.

Doctors Without Borders is also using Plumpynut in Southern Ethiopia right now. There has been a drought there and it's estimated that 11 percent of people are suffering from acute malnutrition in some areas.

I watched the 60 Minutes footage this morning while Norah and Atticus were eating their breakfast. To see a story about women whose babies are dying because they have literally nothing to eat while your own children are shoveling granola into their mouths is so humbling. I can't watch it without imagining Atticus and Norah in that situation, without imagining myself in the position of those mothers.


Jenni said...

YES!!!! I did see this! It was a great story. I kinda wondered why it ended the way it did. It left me with a lot of questions.

Om. said...

more about Niger