Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I spoke too soon about the laptop - yesterday it started having some rather severe problems and I'm pretty sure it needs to go see a computer doctor.

Paul is attending a work-thing. He left yesterday morning and won't be back until tomorrow night. Consequently, he missed experiencing A.'s most recent accomplishment - sleeping through the night in his own crib last night! The teacher in me is dying to assemble some sort of color-coded positive reinforcement chart with star stickers. I'm pretty sure that he's a little too young yet to understand anything about that other than wanting to eat the pretty stars.

Tomorrow night we are embarking on a whole new adventure. We're leaving the kids with my parents (at our house) for a long weekend while we go to New Orleans for a wedding. I'm simultaneously excited and scared out of my mind. The adoption experts we saw assured us our kids are well-attached and will be just fine, they are very familiar with and fond of their grandparents, it would be a total goat rodeo trying to take the kids to the wedding, I really want to encourage a close relationship between them and their grandparents...but I don't want to leave them. It may feel like a very loooooong four days, but I'm sure we'll have a great time.

This morning the kids stayed with their Bebe so I could run some errands. It occurred to me that leaving your child(ren) when you're new parent feels a lot like being a teenager with a brand new driver's license. Remember how exhilarating but scary it was at sixteen to run to the grocery store for milk all by yourself? That's exactly what this feels like.


hipgradmom said...

woohoo, New Orleans! I can't wait to see you guys. The kids will be fine. I don't think their sense of elapsed time is fully developed yet, so it will probably seem to them like one big playtime with their grandparents. My E has been gone since Sunday with his grandparents, and I am starting to go a little crazy missing him. Anyways, woohoo, New Orleans!

Ed said...

319Ray319The empty, exciting and scared feeling must be the same as what your parents (especially your mother) must have felt every year when you came to New York for the summer. Probably a rather large amount of gin and tonics helped her thru it all.....Have a good trip and enjoy yourselves at the wedding.