Sunday, May 18, 2008

Someday I Will Probably Laugh about This

DISCLAIMER: I am well-aware that the following story makes me sound as though I should join a parenting group with Britney Spears. We could leave our kids in the car with the windows rolled up while we went into a bar and discussed whether Cheetos or Funions make better finger food for babies. I have learned an important lesson and I will share that lesson with you now.

Yesterday evening Paul was napping and I was playing downstairs with the kids. Suddenly Norah had A Really Bad Diaper - the type that needs to be taken care of immediately before it leaks and contaminates the entire planet. I quickly scooped her up and headed for the stairs. When I left, Atticus was sitting contentedly on the floor playing with blocks. I know I shouldn't have left him unattended. In my defense: A.) I wasn't thinking straight because of the poopy diaper situation B.) the living room is pretty child-proofed normally C.) Whenever I've run upstairs in the past, Atticus has always crawled over to the base of the stairs and yelled for me as soon as he realizes I'm gone.

About a minute after going upstairs I realized there were two things I'd left out in the living room. My laptop was open on the coffee table and there was a bottle with about 2 ounces of soda on our entertainment center. Within two minutes of going upstairs I returned at a run to find that my one-year-old had transported the soda bottle over to the laptop and was banging it upside down on the keyboard. He has never carried anything like that before. I said some bad words that I don't particularly want my kids to learn. Luckily, I have a husband who knows stuff about computers, so when I ran upstairs screaming with the computer in-hand he knew to turn it off and tent it upside down to dry out. It turns out, there are pages upon pages of discussion on one of his techie websites about experiences with spilling beer or soda on laptops.

We'll probably have to buy a new keyboard for the laptop, but the rest of the computer seems to be functioning just fine. My ego was hurt far more by repetitive thoughts about my bonehead move. I am not ready to laugh about this yet.


Chloe said...

Cringe! I'm so sorry. You'll laugh someday. Maybe after you get a great deal on a new keyboard? Good luck shaking it all off.

Elizabeth said...

If that's the worst thing that ever happens to you as a mommy, I'd say you're alright! :)