Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seven More Days

I returned to work yesterday. Granted, there are only seven days left of the school year, but going back now allows me to stay on my school's health insurance through August.

The kids seemed to have handled the transition better than I. Atticus is in love with his Grandma Bebe's humongous playroom and Norah enjoys babbling back and forth with the other two babies her age. She also has taken a shine to Piccolo, the patient black cat who will sit next to her as she methodically tries to pull out his fur and eat it. She is becoming more mobile and can scoot backward quite well. I remember having Backwards Bill Day one summer with childhood friends. In honor of the Shel Silverstein poem, our parents let us walk backward, put our clothes on in reverse, and eat dessert in the morning. Every day is Backward Day to Norah.

Atticus started imitating me sneezing tonight complete with a hand motion. He is one funny little toddler.

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Alexandra said...

I love the SS reference!