Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dinnertime Video

Norah and Atticus have recently begun to amuse each other a lot. Sometimes after we've put them to bed we can hear them giggling at each other across the room. It's one of my favorite sounds and I love seeing their relationship develop. Last night they were cracking each other up while Paul fed them. By the time I had the camera running they'd calmed down a little and weren't laughing uncontrollably, but I figured the video was worth posting anyway. I wish I could have captured it last night when they were both in our bed in the middle of the night. Atticus fell asleep again as soon as we moved him to our bed. Once Norah calmed down I put her in between me and her brother and she reached out and soothed herself to sleep by pulling repeatedly on his hair while he slept.


Tricia said...

I wonder if they would sleep better in the same crib???

Life in the Bend said...

They slept in the same crib for about a month after we got home but then kept waking each other up, kicking each other, etc. I might try moving Norah into Atticus's crib some night if she wakes up and he's still asleep.

Julie said...

Hi- Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your twins are ADORABLE! Is the Bend South Bend Ind.? I was born in Lafayette while my parents were at Purdue.
Thanks again. It is really helpful to hear others' thoughts.