Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clearly I Should Have Been Paying More Attention

In my defense, 90% of the time I was in the shower he was peeking in at me and trying to catch the falling water. The other 10% of the time I could hear him banging on the lid of the toilet seat, so I knew he wasn't in danger. I much prefer to shower alone but it wasn't possible this morning.

Norah occupied herself with a vibrating toothbrush. It's her favorite toy these days and if we'd let her use it unsupervised, I think she would sleep with it. The poor baby is evidently cutting some more teeth and the entire process seems really painful and frustrating for her.


Jenny said...

Isn't 1 fun?? We have to hide the TP and the trashcan sits on TOP of the toilet now.

Ed said...

He looks like he such a good time, reminds me of the time our cat, Sunshine, took the TP and ran into the living room with the end, so we had a blue TP trail.

I'm sure this will be one of many such innocent times you will all have over the years.

Uncle Eddie

Anonymous said...

Hi, Betsy!

I sure enjoy reading your blog. It takes me back to my adoption experience. My oldest one, at 3 (the age she was when we adopted her and her brother), decided to smear that white oily stuff you put on for diaper rash (sorry, can't remember what it's called - one of the joys of being 65) all over her brother, herself, and the rest of the room. Took forever to get it all cleaned up.
I'm glad you're doing this also because I will enjoy reading it after Tom and I move to Cabo San Lucas. Maybe the four of you (and your mother-in-law) can visit us there some time. Hint, hint...

God bless! Karen

Denise in TX said...

This scene brought back such laughter filled memories of the time that GDG (now 12) did the same thing! I'm sorry that the photos weren't digital because I'd send them to you for a laugh. Interestingly though, GDG also had a long wooden spoon in the hand opposite the TP. (I threw the spoon in the garbage - the TP we put under the sink and used anyway!)