Saturday, May 3, 2008

Apparently, Our One-Year-Old Doesn't Sleep

We're still here, we're still loving parenthood, the kids are still thriving, and Atticus still isn't sleeping well. Eventually, that last item has to get better, right?

The cough that I had earlier this week was so severe that I ended up pulling some muscles in my rib cage. This made picking up the kids extremely difficult, so Paul ended up taking some time off work. It's been really nice having him home and the kids have loved going outside to use the backyard swing with him.

Norah has always had a good disposition, but recently it's like she's been drinking Happy Juice. She smiles all the time and it's so sweet. Last night, she woke up to Atticus crying at about 1 a.m. (she usually sleeps through it). I picked her up and her expression clearly said, "Wow!!! Those last five hours of sleep were so refreshing!!! I can't wait to see what there is to slap and bounce on today!!! Look Mama, you're wearing glasses!!!"

Last night was Paul's night for Atticus-duty. They ended up downstairs on our futon and this is the scene that greeted me this morning when I snuck down there:
Don't they look adorable? Norah and I have been hiding out upstairs trying not to disturb them.


shelly said...

how cute is that

Ed said...

That looks like one of those Kodak moments.