Thursday, April 10, 2008

Three Minutes of My Life

I've had some requests for more video of our household stars. Finding a camera-worthy minute when I actually have the camera isn't all that easy, however, so here's a little clip of playtime at our house. As a side-note, I definitely have "mom voice" - which is fine when I'm talking to my kids, but concerns me a little since I caught myself last week talking to the trashcan as I was taking out the garbage. "Brrr!!! It sure is cold out here! I should be wearing a coat! Spring will be here soon!" I'm sure I looked like a maniac to the neighbors and I found it worrisome that the instinct to narrate life continued even when I wasn't with my kids. My middle school students will have a field day with it when I return to school and address them as though they're non-verbal infants.

P.S. The last couple of nights have been night-terror free with only simple wakeups for bottles followed by calm returns to sleep. I don't want to write that too big though, just in case it would contribute to jinxing the situation.

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