Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Paul and I alternate nights to get up with the kids. This works well and seems to help prevent us from feeling exhausted all the time. In addition, they're both sleeping better these days than they were the first couple of weeks they were home. I have a complaint though: Friday was Paul's night and both kids slept through the night (hooray!). Saturday night they got me up seven times. Sunday night they slept through the night. Last night (my night again) they woke up twice. Is this a form of parental favoritism? It's no fair that they're giving their dad an easier time of things!
The second picture is from this afternoon after our walk. I was worried they would broil, but they slept for an hour in our hall all bundled up in the stroller.


Ed said...

The look like such angels sleeping in the stroller. Glad to hear that they are at least sleeping some of the nights thru, too bad it's only during Paul's nights.

Barb said...

I hope you resisted doing housework that hour that they napped in the stroller and hit the couch for a nap too! But at your age, I rarely did. I have to admit John and Paul didn't get me up at night much. Now when my day care kids all nap in the afternoon, I put a note that reads "children napping, come back after 3:30" on the door, unplug the phone and take a nap on the couch with the dog every day.
I tell myself it's good for one's health to nap. That's a frequent story on the news these days. Love to all, Bebe