Friday, April 25, 2008

Seriously, I'm Such a Bad Camerawoman

I won't be winning any cinematography awards, that's for sure. About 50 seconds into the video I did remember to turn the camera around though so that the video is right-side-up.

When we returned from New York, Paul met us with a swollen looking cheek. He said it seemed to be a gland and didn't really hurt. I finally convinced him on Wednesday to let me schedule a doctor's appointment for today. By then, I'd googled the symptoms and was of course convinced it was a tumor. Google can turn even normal people into hypochondriacs. The doctor's verdict: He has an ear infection that has caused his entire cheek to swell up. It looks like he has the mumps. Hopefully the antibiotics will cure him quickly! I feel like someone in our family has been sick at almost any given point over the past two and a half months. I guess that's what adding new family members, traveling and sleep deprivation will conspire to make happen. I hope we're just about through with the worst of it though.

Below, you can glimpse the most precious real estate in our household these days: my lap.

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