Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paul has had some sort of plague this week that left him feeling awful until today. By yesterday morning, after several days of caring for the kids by myself a lot more than I'm used to, I was reading to run for the door screaming (preferably to the nearest airport or bar, or an airport bar - I wasn't feeling picky). Thankfully the weather this weekend was beautiful and provided the kids and I a great chance to play with our new dirt.

I filled in my new herb garden and moved several wheelbarrows full of soil without tipping more than once. Today the kids and I planted some gladiolas. Atticus tried to eat a worm. At one point, I looked over and Norah had fallen over from her sitting position and was happily scooping up dirt and trying to dump it in her mouth.

I love this last picture because it looks as though Atticus has a secret bottle that he's trying to hide from his sister. It was actually Norah's bottle. These days their age difference is really apparent because he's so much more mobile than she is. He loves to take the toys she's playing with and then try to "give them back" by whomping her over the head with them. It's all perfectly innocent and normal, but I'm eager for her to be able to stand up to him. A girl shouldn't let her big brother push her around!

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