Friday, April 4, 2008

No News Is Good News

One of the best ways to get our kids to nap is by popping them in one of the Ergo carriers and walking around. Of course, this is the absolute last thing I feel like doing when I'm really, really ready for them to take a nap, but it does motivate me to get some chores done. Neither kidlet will tolerate me sitting when they're in the Ergo, so I often end up vacuuming, working on my garden, or doing the dishes or laundry as they fall asleep. Once the child is asleep, it's easy to slip off the baby carrier. You can see Norah's reaction in the picture below.

This week hasn't been terribly remarkable. Paul has had an awful cold that I'm hoping the kids won't catch. We took a few steps backward in terms of sleep and had a couple of really bad nights. Atticus is exploring constantly. This week he has mastered pulling up on any available object and he can now seek out the poor dog when she tries to take refuge on the couch or up on a chair.

We had 600 square feet of soil delivered today for a gardening project. I requested it for my anniversary present this year. As soon as it resembles anything other than a big pile of dirt, I will post pictures!


Alexandra said...

Norah has really grown a lot!

Ed said...

Wow...a whole big pile of dirt to explore and play in our back yard.
Thanks a lot Mom,