Friday, April 11, 2008


After several days of being ready to chop off my own hair I finally made a hair appointment for this morning. My parents stayed with the kids and I got to go ALL BY MYSELF! Unbeknownst to me, Paul filmed our little photo shoot in which we were trying to get both of the kids to look at the camera. I will have to post that soon because it's pretty funny.
Norah is starting to get extremely vocal and I think she might end up talking before Atticus. The girl has volume in her favor, that's for sure. For his part, Atticus is making huge strides in mobility and learned this week how to wave bye-bye and cover his own face for peek-a-boo. We really don't need to keep toys around for him since all he wants to do is pull himself up on things with occasional breaks to glance at his own gorgeous face in the dishwasher or oven doors. They're both hilarious and we're loving parenthood.


Alexandra said...

Great haircut!

shell said...

It looks GREAT! So much easier to take care of with little kids around!