Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Dance-Off

One of the best things about having two babies is that we can compete with them! Most evenings Paul and I have a Baby Dance-Off where we each take a baby and "help" them dance. Whomever Paul has usually wins because he comes up with more creative moves like Baby Lawnmower. The weather here was fabulous yesterday so we had our dance-off outside and then came indoors for some baby trapeze artistry. The kids enjoy it, but I'm pretty sure we like it even more.
Apparently, we had an earthquake around here this morning. Our family slept through it.
Does anyone have any tips for keeping Atticus from chewing on electrical cords? They're one of his favorite things and keeping them out of his mouth is taking up large portions of my day. We've eliminated any unnecessary ones, but we'd like to have some light in our house. I've sprayed them with apple bitter (the type you use to dissuade dogs) but it didn't have an effect.


Ed said... dancing video's????
Glad you are all having so much fun and enjoying least they aren't eating the worms and dirt anymore...just electic cords..guess his tastes have changed.

See you tomorrow.


jwg said...

You can get plastic channels to cover the cords, or buy soft plastic tubing, slit it lengthwise, and put it over the cords. He probably will still try and chew, but it gives you more time to get to him before disaster. And he is old enough for a firm "no" and removal to another part of the room.

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Tricia said...

cayenne pepper...??