Thursday, April 24, 2008

Atticus Has a Birthday!

Today is my little boy's first birthday. We are so lucky to have him in our lives and think he's one of the most delightful kids ever. Paul and I are now one of those boring couples who spend our evenings sitting on the couch talking about how funny our babies are. These are some things Atticus does that bring us joy:
  • You know how baby monkeys grab ahold of their mothers so tightly that they stay attached even as their moms are swinging through the trees? That's our Atticus. He has one of the tightest hugs ever and he spends a lot of time asking to be picked up.
  • His laugh. This child's giggle makes the whole family laugh along with him.
  • He loves to blow bubbles in the tub. Every night we take off his diaper and then watch him speed-crawl naked down the hall and into the bathroom so he can get to the tub. It's so cute!
  • These days he's getting really into feeding us his food, but sometimes he offers up a bite of something and then snatches it into his own mouth and giggles.
  • Yesterday Norah really wanted to play with some magazine inserts that were on the floor. Atticus kept bringing them over to her and then pulling them away as she reached for them - while laughing of course.
  • He's afraid of crawling in the grass and when set on the lawn he pulls his feet into a yoga position and holds his hands above his waist.
  • He adores doing gymnastics with Paul flipping and climbing.
  • He's beginning to walk around the coffee table and can push his highchair across the kitchen while toddling behind it.
  • Electronics fascinate him. Remote controls, the television, the computer, cords...those are his favorite.

I guess it's impossible to put into words what makes your child so special, but suffice it to say we think we were privileged to adopt two of the very, very best. I wish we could communicate to his birth family how much we love him and how fortunate we feel to have him in our lives. I hope they know that at some deep level.

We'll be having a little birthday party this weekend for Atticus and I'm planning to make his first cake. He's too little to understand birthdays, so I don't think delaying the celebration will matter to him. I don't feel quite ready for him to be a toddler yet - afterall he just got home and he's still my baby. It seems as though both kids just get more fun with each passing day though, so I'm sure I'll love this next stage too.


Ed said...

Happy Birthday
Uncle Eddie & Aunt Donna

Jane said...

I've enjoyed watching you and your sister grow. Hope to meet you one day! This is Aiden's Grandmom in California.

Anonymous said...

Betsy, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your family's special day! The kiddos are still buzzing about your visit.

hipgradmom said...

Happy Birthday Atticus!!!! I wish we could be there to celebrate with you!