Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Here's my PSA for the day: Making tuna salad in the Cuisinart is a horrible idea. It's the fastest way to make a disgusting fish paste that will stink up the whole house. Trust me on this one.

I think we may have adopted two of the best-natured babies on the planet. We are having so much fun with them and I don't think a night has passed so far without the two of us lying in bed discussing how lucky we are.
Norah is working hard on sprouting some teeth. This has been going on since we met her last month, but her discomfort seems to have ramped up in the past few days so I'm hoping we may see some actual progress soon. Poor baby. She so wants to chew on her brother's toes, but he moves them too much. She adores the Jumperoo and also seems to be getting a lot of pleasure lately out of yelling in Atticus's face. She makes me laugh.
Atticus is a very vain baby. He loves looking at himself in the mirror and it always makes him smile. He's recently started to carry things around in his mouth - socks are a favorite, especially when he's just taken them off Norah. He gets really into "conversations" where we make noises back and forth to each other. I picture him being 18 and still doing this but that's probably just the worry-wort in me coming through.

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