Thursday, March 6, 2008

Play Date

Christina and Aiden came to play with us today! He is just as cute in real life as he appeared and we had a wonderful time meeting him! I think Atticus and Norah were relieved, however, that his visit did not signify the arrival of a new sibling. You can see Norah's reaction to some of her brother's attention (and eventual refusal to let her gnaw on his foot) in the pictures below.


Anonymous said...

Go Norah! Boy, she's really sitting up well! By the way, Norah's hat is quite fashionable!!

See you soon, love, mom

Christina said...

Note how easy it is to spot the two kiddos with acid reflux: just look for the ever-present bibs. Crack me up :) We had such a good time! You guys will have to come over here soon!

Jenny said...

I love Norah's hat!