Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pictures for Grammy

My mom has gone out of town for the week to visit my grandparents and made me promise I'd post daily pictures of the kids while she's gone. Here you go mom. We'll miss you this week!

Guess who slept from 10 pm until 8 am? My son! He stayed up extra late last night playing with us. He's such a delightful baby. He was having a wonderful time bouncing on his Papa's lap and exploring his belly button. Watching how happy Paul is when he's with our kids is one of the most wonderful parts of parenthood.

Norah managed to further wrap her grandpa around her finger last night. Our little chow hound was eating when my dad came to visit but as soon as she saw her Grandpa Terry she started refusing to eat and demanding to be picked up by him. She loves his beard and the generous belly that makes napping so easy.

We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday yesterday and Norah and Atticus got to meet their aunt, uncle, and three cousins. Our five-year-old niece and three-year-old nephew have evidently been taking pictures of our kids into school for show-and-tell and playing "Paul and Betsy" by lugging their baby dolls around the house. I hope the actual meeting didn't disappoint! Family gatherings will now reach a whole new level of joyful chaos! Happy birthday Barb!


Christina said...

Let's plan a play date soon! Also, I read this blog entry and then looked up to find Aiden in a strangely familiar-looking sleep position. I posted a pic on my blog. I think Atticus and Aiden are going to be great friends!

Christina said...

LOL...and Chris just said that he thinks that's Norah in the swing because of all the hair. At second glance (after twisting my head sideways), I think he may be right. Darn him when he beats me at a baby-identifying game! So I'll change my statement to read: I think Atticus, Aiden, and Norah are going to be great friends! :)

Jenny said...

Aww, Betsy! I love those pictures! And Atticus asleep in the jumper - hilarous! Glad you slept better last night! I had a long comment written to that post, but the internet ate it. It will get better!

Ed said...

Love the latet pic - especially the one in the swing - not a care in the world. Maybe they are finding some food in the beard????