Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Easter Pictures

Our friend Clayton sent us these pictures from Easter dinner. I don't think Atticus had ever been up close to a window before that he could reach. He was fascinated by the sliding glass doors in his Grandma Bebe's house.

The doctor recommended the other day that we put Norah on her tummy for two thirty-minute stretches a day. This is not going well - it's the fastest way to see her switch from being a happy, delightful, smiley baby to being a screaming banshee...for 29 minutes straight (she tolerates the first minute well). Hopefully a few days of practice will help her to get used to it - otherwise I'm going to need some earplugs.

Atticus is officially a crawling machine. He is now crawling quickly and all the time. His favorite destination is the bathroom where he always pulls himself up to peer into the bathtub. We'll be installing baby gates on the stairs this weekend!

I bought some washable crayons at the store yesterday. I'm not sure when most parents introduce them, but I thought it might be fun for Atticus to try out. When we got home, I sat him down and showed him how they worked. He promptly took a big bite out off the nibs of two crayons and then drooled pink and black for the rest of the day.

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Ruth said...

I am just struck by how your children are T H R I V I N G !
How healthy and happy do they look in these pictures!
They have changed so much since they came home.
You are doing so well as a mommy :o)

With Nora's tummy time, how about her lying on you or hubby and playing a game face to face with her. Or you on your back with knees up, and rest her on your shins and play aeroplanes. Just a thought :o) For as long as she enjoys it. You can always build up the time gradually :o)