Thursday, March 20, 2008

Healthy Babies

We took a road trip yesterday to see the adoption specialists at a major children's hospital. This was primarily because our insurance company allegedly won't cover certain tests if our normal pediatrician orders them but will cover the same tests when ordered from the specialists. I really don't understand insurance companies.

Ridiculous policies aside, I'm really glad we went. Paul and I both really liked the two doctors who saw the kids. One specializes in infectious diseases and the other in developmental issues. They were both wonderful and stayed talking to us and checking out the kids for well over two hours. Their comments were great. They were very, very pleased and surprised by the state of the kids' health. They said they rarely see internationally adopted children who are so on-target. Atticus and Norah are both healthy weights and heights (Atticus has gained almost four pounds since he came home!), they have great muscle development, they're hitting developmental milestones, and they appear to be attaching quite well. There is nothing like walking through a children's hospital to make you profoundly grateful for healthy children.

Speaking of developmental milestones: I usually put the kids in their bouncy chairs in the bathroom while I shower. Usually they are perfectly happy and often they sleep. On Tuesday, however, Atticus was not in the mood for his bouncy chair and was fussing. When he stopped fussing I peeked out of the shower. He had pulled himself out of the restraining belt and was standing on top of his bouncy chair. He then got down, crawled over to the toilet, and pulled himself up to look into the bowl. I think my days are about to get even busier!


Christina said...

lol...go Atticus!

Alexandra said...

What great news and a big sigh of relief about the babies' health. And go Atticus!

hipgradmom said...

it's all over betsy, just accept it. mobility=not getting anything done ever (and house never staying clean). sigh. but it is pretty damn amazing to watch.

Carolyn said...

Congrats on the good news. It is nice to hear "on target" from a specialist!