Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting Out of the House

Walking out the door with two babies is a lot more complicated than going by yourself! Between making sure they're fed, diapered, and clothed neatly, and then checking to make sure the diaper bag is prepared and I can transport them easily once we reach our destination... I'm beginning to learn to start getting ready at least 45 minutes before we need to leave. I can't carry them both at once for any significant length of time and putting both in slings doesn't work well either since they're both relatively large. Still, I really, really want to get the out of the house. It's more interesting for them and helps me to keep from feeling cooped up.

Our double jogger stroller works beautifully on the sidewalks even with a little snow. It fits through standard doorways (barely). It's a pain to transport, but it worked fine yesterday at the library and today at the doctor's office. Today we visited my school and met my students. I held Atticus (he has some stranger anxiety these days) and various coworkers carried Norah around for me. She bounced her legs the entire time and was quite content to be passed from person to person and dance along with the Mexican music playing in the office.

Today's multi-media presentation is Atticus-centric and features his growing mastery of the raspberry. Also, please note that the dog's dish did have water in it before somebody figured out how to cross into the kitchen this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you guys this afternoon. My kiddos talked about it the whole rest of the day. :) Thanks for taking the time to come see us.


Ed said...

Great pictures and love the raspberries, such talent. Can't wait until we can actually meet them.