Monday, March 3, 2008

Cold, Wet Babies

This morning when I woke up the temperature was 53 degrees. After weeks of wanting to throw rocks at the TV every time I watched the forecast, it was finally warm but they're predicting the temperature will fall and we'll have snow this afternoon. I vowed I would take the kids out for a walk as soon as they'd both had their bottles.

By the time they were loaded into their stroller it was drizzling ever so slightly. It didn't seem too bad though, so we set off with Stella leading the way. To make a long story short, we were a mile from home when it started pouring. They were okay - we have a hood on our stroller and Atticus was laughing like crazy. By the time we got home though, I had two cold, wet babies, a cold, wet dog, and was a cold, wet mama. I rushed them up for a warm bath (the first time I've ever bathed both at once) and everyone was happy. After their bath I opened the door to find that Stella had discovered Norah's dirty diaper and shredded it before finding a warm place on the couch in which to settle down. Meanwhile, both kids were hungry, angry about being removed from the bathtub, and screaming.
It's been quite a day and it's not even noon.
Atticus has learned to click his tongue at will. Last night when we put him in his crib the first thing he did was to roll over, peer into Norah's sleeping face, and click away. Please note Norah's smile in the photograph above. She smiles a lot but has gotten distracted by the camera whenever we've tried to take a picture in the past. The picture above is the result of a lot of joint effort between her parents!


Christina said...

Great job on the pic of Norah, Mom and Dad! :) Of course, they're adorable. Sorry about the downpour - I wasn't brave enough to risk it, but I might have been if I'd known it was 53 degrees out. I am going crazy cooped up in this house! Your bravery amazes me, Betsy!

Oh, and thanks for restoring my faith in my baby-identifying apparatus. :)

Ed said...

More great pictures - what an adventurous day you had (before noon even). Keep your chin up more warm and hot weather is on its way. Maybe this weekend will be warmer and you can all go out once again (don't forget time change on Sunday morning).

hipgradmom said...

i have enough trouble getting one baby out the door with a clean diaper, a bottle, into the stroller, and not screaming. i can't even fathom two....