Monday, March 17, 2008

Babies' First Blog Post

I hate to take the words out of my kids' mouths, but they've been tagged to list ten random facts about themselves. Here's what I imagine they might tell the cyberworld:

1. I've learned to feed myself my bottle. I especially like taking a big mouthful of formula and then buzzing my lips.

2. I'm learning to make lots of new noises. Yesterday my mom and papa were sure I had somehow found two bottle caps and was rubbing them together in my mouth! I fooled them though - I was just learning to grind my teeth! My mom says this is her least favorite noise.
3. I really like books. I enjoy being read to, but my favorite part of the process is taking them off the shelves. What to Expect the First Year is my favorite book to handle.

4. This first year of my life has not been what I might have expected!

5. Peeing in the bathtub makes me laugh!

6. I've begun to crawl on my hands and knees and I like to push myself up into the downward dog position.

7. Don't tell my mom, but I like to feed Stella my Cheerios and teething biscuits. I'm pretty stealthy about it!
8. I know how to open the refrigerator!

9. I enjoy dancing to music. Marvin Gaye seems to make me especially happy.

10. Imitating Norah is fun! When she screams or cries, I make the same noises while laughing!


1. I am learning to give kisses. They're pretty slimy!

2. My mom and papa have been making me practice rolling over. Since I hate being put on my tummy, this doesn't make me very happy.

3. I'm starting to get pretty jealous of Atticus because he can move around and get toys that are out of my reach. I'm practicing moving my arms and legs like he does so that I can crawl someday too.

4. My Jumperoo makes me really happy!

5. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just want to play.

6. I can pick up food off my highchair tray! Now I just need to cut some teeth so I can actually eat the food!

7. Mom's worst nail-trimming fear came true last week: She cut the tip of my finger! I didn't cry. Later on, I was in my Jumperoo and the finger started bleeding again as I rubbed it alongside my leg. I ended up looking like a baby axe murderer with blood spatters all over myself.

8. In the bathtub I like to lower my face and try to bite my toys. It doesn't bother me when my head goes underwater.

9. I'm learning to use my voice in new and exciting ways. I love to scream and smile!

10. I like to hold onto my brother when we're in the stroller. It's easiest for me to hold onto his hair, but sometimes I'll settle for his hand.

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