Tuesday, March 11, 2008

101 Things To Do in 1020 Days

I recently came across a challenge online to write a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days. I love lists and the feeling of crossing things off of them, so I was highly tempted to make my own. I was thinking about it last night and realized that those 1001 days would bring me extremely close to my 30th birthday. Better calculations today proved that I have 1020 days until that milestone. I thought about writing the list and then waiting 19 days to post it, but I don't have a lot of self-control that way. Here it is:

Making a House a Home
1. finish this list
2. sand and repaint pillar in living room
3. paint upstairs hall
4. repaint office that I don’t like
5. sand and repaint kitchen woodwork
6. add the baseboard piece to living room
7. fix the damn pocket door on the downstairs bathroom again
8. make curtains for living room
9. have an energy audit done on the house and follow the recommendations made
10. read a how-to book and try reupholstering a chair
11. purchase and paint four more chairs for kitchen
12. refinish the bookshelf in the entry way
13. repaint the front door lintel
14. repaint front door
15. repaint house exterior
16. remove the ugly awnings over the windows
17. move pavers and plant an herb garden next to the back door
18. plant a perennial garden against the back fence
19. plant a vegetable garden and actually use the things we grow
20. find out about the history of our house from the neighbor
Family Life and Fun
21. take the kids on at least three walks per week (0/450)
22. make life books for both kids
23. use the spa gift certificate Paul gave me in 2006
24. read one book a week (0/150)
25. take a 10-mile or longer hike with Paul
26. start adoption process again (? Pending agreement with Paul)
27. make crème brulee from scratch
28. host a barbeque at our house
29. spend a weekend alone with Paul in Chicago
30. spend an afternoon exploring Three Oaks
31. go apple picking
32. take the kids to a nursing home dressed up in their Halloween costumes
33. finalize kids’ citizenship
34. plant strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries
35. grow gourds for fun
36. go to Shipshewana
37. buy one nice piece of furniture that is not factory-new
38. frame 2 pieces of kids’ artwork once they’re old enough to make art
39. steam-clean the rugs and upholstery of our cars
40. run a 10k
41. transition to buying only humanely-raised meat
42. take a dance class with Paul
43. organize Mom’s kitchen for her
44. hire a housekeeper once and take notes on how he/she cleans
45. visit a winery with Paul
46. try cross-country skiing
47. go sledding or tubing with the kids
48. read 1000 books to my children (0/1000)
49. attend college reunion
50. visit Philadelphia
51. visit New Orleans
52. go to the beach at least 9 times in the summertime (0/9)
53. go to the beach once in the winter
54. walk the full length of the East Race
55. ban the TV and internet from the house for a week
56. take a meal to someone who’s just added a child to their family
57. frame and hang photographs of Atticus and Norah
58. update the photo albums (both real and online) at least once a month (0/36)
59. follow the diet recommended by my doctor for three full months and see if it makes a difference
60. take a painting class
61. go hiking with the kids
62. take a swimming class with the kids
63. visit the zoo once the kids are interested in animals
64. try making our own Ethiopian food
65. teach Norah and Atticus the alphabet
66. teach them how to count to 20
67. teach them their colors
68. have brother-in-law, sister-in-law and family over for dinner
Financial Security
69. save 6 months salary in emergency fund
70. write wills
71. increase life insurance
72. meet with a financial planner
73. pay off Corolla
74. continue putting monthly payment for Corolla aside for next car
75. hold a garage sale
76. get a safe-deposit box and put essential documents in it
Good Citizenship
77. write a letter to the newspaper about something that I feel strongly about
78. Do a buy-nothing month
79. make baked goods for neighbors
80. divide perennials and give away extras to neighbors
81. attend a neighborhood association meeting
82. start a compost pile
83. bag our own soil at the recycling center
84. get mulch from recycling center
85. write a letter to the newspaper about something that I feel strongly about
86. sell something on eBay
87. create a custom masthead for my blog
88. learn how to edit YouTube videos complete with music
Professional Development
89. update my resume
90. write a chapter of my own book to see if I like writing
91. find a new job
92. finish filling out paperwork necessary for ENL certification
93. update teaching license
94. make pillows for couch
95. post to blog at least twice a week (1/150)
Difficult to Quantify, But Still Important
96. Remember how luxurious our house felt after Ethiopia – feel grateful
97. remember how blessed we are to have Atticus and Norah in our family – feel grateful
98. Let Paul know how grateful I am to be sharing life with him 99. express gratitude to family and friends
100. resist the “I-Wants” and remember that we don’t need a nicer house, furniture, car, vacations, clothes, neighborhood...feel grateful for what we have
101. take care of and pride in our belongings – keep the cars and house neat and well-maintained so we can get maximum enjoyment out of them

To keep myself honest, I'm going to put this list on the sidebar of the blog and change things that have been accomplished to another color.


Alexandra said...

Hmmm, I wonder where you were inspired to make the list. ;) I've got one too and have been toying with making it public or not. We'll just have to see about that one... :) Btw, the children look wonderfully happy. It is so nice to see.

Diane said...

I don't think I have the patience to make such a list! If I made it, I'd become compulsive about doing everything on it, so it's better if I don't! However, we are completing one thing on YOUR list: we're taking Atticus (ours, not yours) to New Orleans on Sunday.

Megan said...

I feel inspired to make a list now too. Maybe I will start one tonight. I want to learn how to reupholster a chair too! I have one that needs that done. :) Anyway, I hope that I will be coming to South Bend sometime soon. Maybe we can get together and I can meet the new additions to your family. I will let you know when I plan on coming. Good luck with your list!

Ed said...

Hmmm, lists are just lists, something to look at and dream about but not something to rule your life by. Backflips while changing your diaper must be a really nice site to see. :>

Liz said...

I like the "visit Philadelphia" you can totally check the one off within the next 3.5 months. Wow that is really, really soon.