Friday, February 29, 2008


This morning I awoke to the sound of my two babies happily babbling to one another. I looked over to the crib and they were lying head-to-head and gently reaching out to touch the quilt squares that hang on the back of their crib. It really sounded like they were discussing the various fabrics! Oh this one's so soft! I agree! Let's touch another! I watched them covertly for several minutes and then, instead of grabbing for the camera, I snuck down to get the coffee brewing before they realized I was up!

Obviously they're too little to interact a lot right now, but it's so sweet to watch them together. Atticus likes to "pat" Norah on the head. We're working on the term gently. Norah lunges for his toes whenever they appear close enough to fit in her mouth. She's been watching him creep across the floor and moving her arms and legs in a similar motion. Sometimes they just put their foreheads together and make noises. At times they get so distracted by one another while eating in their highchairs that they forget to eat off the spoon. They are so sweet.

Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed, commented, or called with sleep tips. Last night Atticus still got up 3 times, but went right back to sleep. We bought nightlights for our room and the bathroom where we mix the formula. It occurred to me that he might be scared of the dark and he did seem a lot less panicked when he woke up last night. Eventually, I'm sure we will catch up on our sleep.


Christina said...

I'm waiting for more pics :) We can't wait to get our kiddos together!

Lori said...

Hi, My friend met you at the Book store and gave me your blog. We live in MA. We are adopting from Ethiopia, we have received our referral and are waiting for the Ethiopian courts to reopen. We should travel the end of Oct. to early Nov. We lived in Osceola until 2 years ago. Our blog is
your children are beautiful.