Monday, February 18, 2008

Has It Really Been a Week?

I can't believe we've been home a full week. Time is flying by! I hope I can say the same thing once Paul goes back to work tomorrow. It's been wonderful having him at home and I'm a little nervous about being on my own! I'm trying to make plans to ward off feelings of isolation around here.

I know I owe lots of people phone calls and thank you notes. I'm sure some more photographs or videos would also be appreciated. Soon. I promise.

Highlights of this week included taking the kids on their first walk (it's been so cold here!) and (drumroll please...) getting them both on a decent sleep schedule. I hesitate to post this for fear of jinxing myself, but they've both been sleeping nice long stretches each night. I know we are very, very lucky!

Some notes from this week:

  • smiling in the morning

  • napping in the bathroom with the shower on

  • sticking her fists in her mouth

  • napping on Grandpa's tummy

  • looking around the room

  • EATING! (every two hours these past few days!)

  • having her diaper changed

  • taking her antibiotics


  • when the bottle is taken out of her mouth

  • tummy time

  • the dog licking her face

She is starting to sit up much better and will reach for objects and hands that are placed in front of her! She will also now lock her legs and put weight on them sometimes and push away using them. Hooray for progress!



  • looking at himself in the mirror

  • vegetables

  • feeding himself

  • scooting around the floor

  • bottles

  • having his diaper changed (He laughs and laughs.) as long as he gets to hold the tube of Desitin

  • holding on to his sister

  • patty cake with Grammy

  • being tickled and kissed

  • touching electronic devices


  • fruit

  • being put to bed

  • seeing anyone eat when he's not eating

Atticus is starting to be able to stand when his hands are held!

I think we're all adjusting well to being a family of four. I'm quickly learning that I need to let go of some of my expectations about how we would parent. Gone for now are the visions of homemade organic baby foods and cloth diapers. Maybe those things would work for me with only one baby, but this week we've had two adults around the house all day and we've still barely managed to get the laundry and dishes done without somebody screaming their head off that they're not getting enough attention. We'll probably transition over to non-Gerber food sometime soon, but I think the cloth diapers are out of the picture permanently. I feel guilty about the environmental impact of disposables, but the extra work combined with Paul's sensitive gag reflex are making me think it's not worth it for us.


hipgradmom said...

I can't hear enough about them and your thoughts and experience!!!!
I sent the bouncer home with my mom, so whichever works best for you, she can either drop it off or have you pick it up. Just let me know.
Also, if you need some mom phone time, my number is 812 334 9057

WordyDoodles said...

Wow!!! Congratulations on your beautiful children! I love their names - and their smiles.

I read Anti-Racist parent too. Good stuff there, and if you ever get to see Tim Wise speak it is more than worth it. Zephyr (from ADL)

Ed said...

What happy children you have.

Megan said...

I'm so excited for you! They are so beautiful and they look very happy. I can't wait to meet them someday after things settle down, etc. Until then, I will enjoy reading all about them and looking at their pictures. I've been showing them to everyone. :) Call if you need to chat, though I have no mom advice. I can give you legal advice though I'm hoping you don't need any of that. :)

LilySea said...

Loving this! Thanks for sharing so many great photos and videos!

Carolyn said...

I am a mom to a toddler who has been home for 5 months. I had a hard time with too-high expectations of myself at first. I set a goal of doing one load of laundry a day, and getting through the day as enjoyably as possible. It is a hard adjustment. Congratulations!

Tricia said...

Since becoming a mother I have made it my goal to do at least one thing a day- beyond the "have to" list sometimes that means changing a light bulb and sometimes it means cleaning the fridge. If I get more than that done- great. If I don't get a thing done because I'm trapped on the couch with an ornery baby- oh well.

It's hard to let go of the lists in my head though.

Also, we used cotton for nine years- 6 kids. And for the last three we've used paper and I can honestly tell you I miss cotton. Paper is way more convenient, but cotton was soft and cooler (there is some research that links male infertility to paper diapers). And when you have two at a time (or more) it's cheaper to use cotton. Is there diaper service near you? You just leave your dirty diaper bag on the front porch and they drop off the clean white ones- It's a beautiful thing.

Not that you asked- sorry.