Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary to the Father of a Boy Genius

Today is our fourth anniversary. Nine years ago today Paul tricked me into our first date by saying that "a bunch of people" were going to Molly McGuire's for coffee. For a relationship based on a lie, we seem to be doing awfully well. Happy anniversary Sweetie. I love you!

This morning Atticus watched Stella walk across the room and said as clear as day, "Dog!" He won't repeat that performance on command, but I'm pretty sure he's a prodigy. Also, he loves slapping his hands on the floor in time to the music that's playing on the computer while I type. Ani DiFranco seems to be a particular favorite. Couple that with his tendency to raise his fist in defiance when angry and I think we may have a revolutionary on our hands.

I cannot understand how a baby as little as Norah can eat so much. Last night as she lunged for bite after bite of rice cereal Paul expressed doubt. Where was all that food going? How could she possibly be hungry? I think she must be having a growth spurt!

I couldn't ask for any anniversary gift greater than Norah and Atticus.

Here's a video of Atticus from this morning. If anyone knows how to rotate videos so viewers don't have to watch with their heads tilted to one side please let me know!


Laura said...

If you have a Mac, Quicktime Pro is great for rotating movies. It costs about thirty bucks to get the Pro version.

Norah and Atticus are just lovely, and Atticus is, of course, a supergenius!

Thank you so much for blogging about your experiences.


Alexandra said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope Atticus is feeling better. Katrina was like that too - saying or doing something, and then not doing it for awhile afterwards. As for eating, I swear these kids have hollow legs!

Ed said...

Happy Anniversary, such a good crawler you have

Anonymous said...

Betsy....I just want to say I did use cloth diapers with michael and a few months with sara...they are dirty, disgusting and I too have a BAD gag reflex...I cannot tell you how many times I got Michael with the diaper pin when he was wiggly!!! Trust me when I say....diposeables are the way to go !!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! love reading your blog and watching the videos...WELCOME TO is truly wonderful and eventually you will become a grandparent!!! take care and have fun!!! love leslie

hipgradmom said...

Happy Anniversary Betsy and Paul!!!!