Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Did I Mention How Slow Dial-Up Is?

We had another day of baby holding and visiting. This morning they both fell asleep on top of us. Atticus had fallen asleep on Paul's lap three times now and he thinks it bodes well for father-son bonding - napping is his favorite activity too. I don't want to jinx anything, but so far this transition is going really, really well. They are both so even-tempered and happy! The only time either one cried today was when they weren't being held. Norah gave me a big grin when they brought her in from the nursery. Atticus continues to smile a lot. This afternoon there was another family in the room that was meeting their SIX new kids for the first time. Needless to say, it was hectic! I didn't cry yesterday when we met Atticus and Norah for the first time (it all happened too fast), but watching the other family today really choked me up. Both of our babies were fascinated by the other activity in the room.
We talked to the orphanage doctor today who basically just repeated that both kids are very healthy. We will be meeting formally with their nannies tomorrow morning. Although the orphanage is a bustling place, it's obvious the kids have been very well cared for. I think our kids' nannies were reluctant to give them to us today! Tomorrow we will most likely be checking the kids out of the orphanage.
When we weren't visiting with the kids today we were exploring the city a little and visiting the Ethnological Museum. It was okay. It's amazing to drive down the street here looking at people. Modern business women will be walking next to men dressed in traditional robes, next to a sheep herder who's whipping and herding his streets in the middle of the city (Paul pointed out that about 50% of the questions I've asked the driver have been about the animals - it fascinates me)...I've never seen anything like it.

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Ed said...

So glad to hear that everthing is working out OK for all four of you.
Happy smily children and happy parents what could be better than that.

Lisa J. said...

What a great experience. Our son is still at Toukoul but should be escorted home soon, I hope. It's great to hear your experiences.

Pennythrower said...

OMFG! YAY! I love you love you love you all!

Ann said...

I am so glad you have Norah and Atticus! They sound like wonderful, sweet and loving babies.