Monday, January 7, 2008

Not a Use for Elmer's Glue

School started today and my 6th grade homeroom students dutifully brought in their social studies project that was due to another teacher. They each had to make a poster representing one of the 50 states. As I was taking attendance and bustling around the room one of my girls stopped me. "Miss? Do you have any special glue that will keep these on better?" Her Georgia poster was artfully decorated complete with an entire can's worth of juicy peach sections which were sliding all over the place in a soup of Elmer's glue.

In unrelated news, Paul and I had the pleasure of meeting people from the computer last night. Chris and Christina keep this blog and will be traveling to bring their baby home from Ethiopia around the same time as us. We had a delightful time and it was fantastic to talk in real life with another couple that is going through the same process.

Also, I went grocery shopping tonight and noticed that a lot of my dairy products won't expire until after Norah and Atticus are home. Is it crazy that that made me feel a little freaked out? We won't need to buy toilet paper again until after we become parents. That's so bizarre.


chou-chou said...

Oh, the peaches thing is hysterical!!

And how weird that your milk is going to still be good by the time you are HOME with the babies. That would kind of freak me out, too!

I'm getting so excited for your trip, and I hope you will keep posting while you are there!

Christina said...

lol...the people from the computer line is priceless. I bet they were SUPER cool, eh?? :)