Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Hair Resources

I was just reading more about hair care on Seeking Sprout and came across these excellent resources:
Hair Matters
Caring for African Hair

Paul's new passport arrived today. It's much fancier and more hi-tech than the old one - lots of pictures, quotes, security features. I sort of have passport-envy because mine is the old kind.

Maybe I'm just a little overly emotional and anxious these days, but when my class went to see the musical Annie today I had to fight the urge to cry through half of it. It's so, so sad to think of all those little girls in an orphanage being mistreated and longing for parents. Then Annie finds out that her "real" parents died and she's not too sad because now Daddy Warbucks can adopt her... I guess I should learn not to squeeze life lessons out of musicals.

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jana said...

ooohhhh, baby, pobrecita, i know what you mean about the musical emotions. once when i was going through a weepy phase tim and i were watching ER like every evening, and any time a kid was in the hospital, or an elderly person, i just lost it. soon soon soon! you will be holding them in your arms. i love you!