Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hair Care

A generous friend stopped by with her daughter tonight to teach me about hair. My own hair regimen tends to be shampoo, condition, comb. I have never had much of a talent with braiding or blow-drying and I was looking for someone who could give me some extra insight about caring for African-American hair. I don't want to ruin Atticus or Norah's hair by doing the wrong thing or get them ostracized because of frequent bad hair days.
Our friend's four-year-old was amazingly patient as I combed, washed, conditioned, moisturized, combed, parted and braided her hair. Including instructional time and re-starting the braids, it took about an hour and a half.
My skills are far from perfect. I hope Norah's patience and attention span lengthens a little faster than her hair does because it will probably take me quite awhile to become proficient.


Pennythrower said...

This is beyond precious. You are going to get so good at it! However, the first time I meet Norah, I am going to tell her to embrace the afro. I am so jealous of it.

I am somewhere en route to Vermont. I'm in the kind of hotel room that Dateline comes into with a blacklight and everyone watching gasps. Yeah.

Alexandra said...

Its very superficial of me, but how to take care of black hair is one of the things that causes me stress when I think about transracial adoption. That being said, I've been reading up on it and am feeling better about it (although I would so much happier actually practicing on someone). Anyways, your post reminded me of another post that I read on another blog: