Thursday, January 10, 2008

Four Yellow Walls

I love decorating. I like choosing cute things and arranging rooms. I can't figure out then, why I feel so stumped about the nursery. Maybe it's because my aesthetic sense tends towards the spartan, but I thought it was done. Yellow walls. White cribs. White curtains. I thought we were doing okay. Recently though, I've begun to worry. Should we be providing more stimulation in the room? If we don't have cute posters or the alphabet or something are we condemning Norah and Atticus to be unhappy vegetables?

Truthfully, I don't feel the motivation to add anything else. We're planning to get a changing table and a shelf for toys and books. I'm sure we'll come up with something - maybe we'll find some neat decorations in Ethiopia. Last night I was fretting though. Is my ambivalence about choosing nursery decor equivalent to ambivalence about the kids? Shouldn't I be more excited that I finally get to pimp our very own babies' room? Paul helpfully pointed out that Paris Hilton probably had a lovely nursery as a baby while Jesus most likely did not. That made me feel a little better.


chou-chou said...

Frankly, all those super bright nurseries with bold patterns and "stimulating" graphic everywhere give me a headache.

My nursery has yellow walls, white trim, a white crib and dresser and an oriental carpet. It's calm and peaceful and somewhere I'd like to spend time. Which I think is pretty important!!

If you are happy with the room, it is a good place for your kiddos.

lindsay said...

Paul makes an excellent point.

For what it's worth, research has shown that ambivalence regarding nursery decor does not directly correlate with quality of love for your children. Hope that helps!

Christina said...

If you're happy with the room, then they'll be happy with the room! :) Also, everybody uses the "nursery" for different purposes. Some want it as a peaceful place for resting only (totally acceptable), and others see it playing double duty as a playroom, which may necessitate a bit more hoopla (also totally acceptable). So - do what you want!!! :) Personally I've always wanted a bedroom with yellow walls and white furniture. I always envision lots of spring sunshine coming through the window and a nice breeze blowing in. Very peaceful. Maybe in my next house :).

LilySea said...

Oh geez. The Stuff will come. Trust me. It will come unbidden and probably unwelcome after a very short time. You will be flooded with it. Enjoy spartan while you can!

I also love Paul's point.