Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The First Crime of the New Year

Why are you posting at 12:37 am you might say?

Happy New Year by the way.

At the stroke of midnight Paul and I were kissing when we heard a loud crunch outside our living room window. We looked out to see a car frantically trying to extricate itself from the other car it had just crashed into. Assuming the injured car was ours, we both went racing out different exits of the house to flag down the driver. I was waving next to the driver's window and the a-hole still drove away. After determining that it wasn't our car, but that it was pretty messed up we followed the driver to the parking lot behind the apartment complex across the street where he parked. Idiot.

We tracked down the owner of the innocent car at our next door neighbor's house. Poor young girl. It's 12:05 pm and your dad's car is missing its rear bumper. Happy New Year!

The police came and filed a report. The good news: Her case number is 0000001. That's right, she's the proud victim of the very first crime of 2008 in our city.

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