Friday, January 25, 2008

Better This Weekend Than Next

I'm sick. Gone are the visions of a romantic yet productive last weekend - now I'm just hoping to feel better while actually getting some of the stuff done that we must accomplish.

Eight of my thirty-five students went home or stayed home sick today and by the time I left at the end of the day my temperature was 102 degrees and my throat was killing me. Paul was sick earlier this week, although he had different symptoms, so I'm cautiously, cautiously hoping that we'll be done with our annual bout of illnesses by next Saturday. Yuck.


chou-chou said...

Yech. So sorry you are sick! But you are right - it's much better to get this done now and be back up to speed for next week.

Feel better soon!

LilySea said...

Our similar symptom lasted about 10 days, but the fevers were gone within 5.

Fingers crossed you feel much better very soon!