Sunday, December 23, 2007

The New Flower Guest House

On the recommendation of a few families who have recently traveled to Ethiopia, we have made reservations at this guest house. It looks very nice, is reasonably priced, and they're accustomed to the needs of new adoptive parents.

ETA: Since I've noticed that many people still come to my blog after searching for "New Flower Guest House" on Google, I should add that we were very pleased with our experience there. Helen, the owner, and the rest of the staff were lovely, the accommodations and food were very good, and it was a very nice place to spend our first week as a new family. I believe Helen has since moved the guest house to a new (nicer) building, but the one we stayed in was very pleasant. If I recall correctly, Helen is an Ethiopian who spent a decade living in the U.S. before returning to Ethiopia. For awhile, she ran a side business searching for birth families of adopted children so she had a lot of interesting insight into why children are placed for adoption in Ethiopia. Most of her guests are adoptive families from various agencies and we met some very nice people while staying there. In addition, the hotel staff was great about providing us with cribs and doing anything else they could for the kids. We would definitely stay there again and recommend it to others!

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LilySea said...

That's really lovely. Too bad you are going to be so sleep-deprived and excited and busy to notice much of your surroundings when you're there! I am so excited for your trip. I can't wait to read about it and about your meeting the babies!