Monday, December 3, 2007

It was a good day. We had our staff retreat today and it was actually very good and helpful. Normally I dread retreats in general, but especially staff retreats which haven't always been very uplifting (We once listened to 5 hours of lecture about the history of Notre Dame and Father Moreau - snooze).

I met another family tonight that adopted from Ethiopia! I'd actually heard about this couple who adopted three older children last year, but I hadn't had the chance to meet them. I saw the mom and her 8 year-old son in a store tonight. They caught my eye because their interactions were just so sweet and I'm really excited for our turn to come. The son speaks English beautifully, but something about his slight accent and some of the things I overheard him saying about school made me think they must be the family I'd heard about. I finally got up the courage to ask and the mom was very, very nice. As I said, her son was just delightful. Hooray for new contacts!

Adding to the goodness was the fact that I had a cavity filled and it wasn't nearly as traumatic as I'd feared. My dentist explained everything as he was doing it and I was in and out of the office within half an hour. I've been a little wary of doctors getting too close to my face ever since an eye specialist stuck a probe IN MY EYE without telling me ahead of time this spring. That type of experience can make a person jumpy.

I waited in line at Kmart for 20 minutes tonight to purchase some really pretty Martha Stewert dish towels for my mom. When I finally made it up to the cashier she swiped the towels and then said, "Oh I hate these. They're such poor quality and they don't absorb anything." Honesty is a good policy unless you're a salesclerk and you've already sold the item. She seemed surprised when I asked her to void the sale. Sorry for ruining your Christmas present surprise Mom. Maybe Santa will bring you some new dish towels that don't suck.

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Zoe said...

so neat that you met that family! must have been a good feeling. sorry about the kmart line. if it makes you feel better, i bought martha stewart towels once and they WERE terrible. :)