Friday, December 28, 2007

Fresh Mozzarella and a Dead Mouse

My birthday was yesterday and to celebrate Paul and I made our very first batch of homemade mozzarella cheese. Yum! I gave him a ricotta and mozzarella making kit for Christmas and we were excited to try it out. It was easier and messier than I'd anticipated and the results were delicious. We ate it all, but we have plenty of rennet left (enough for 29 more batches!), so anyone who visits can help us out in our new endeavor. It definitely turned out better than the homemade beer we made with last year's Christmas gift!

I'm not posting a picture of the mouse Stella killed last night - although I did take one to show Paul when he comes home tonight. I came downstairs this morning and there was a tiny, saliva-covered little rodent in the middle of the floor. Last winter we were sitting on the couch with the dog when a little mouse ran across our entryway about 25 feet away. She came within 6 inches of catching it and a couple days later she caught one in the middle of the night and left it next to her bowl. It was obvious that she'd repeated her feat last evening, although you wouldn't have known it from her lazy stance on the couch. Disclaimer: We don't have a mouse-infested home; Stella is just very good at catching the few mice that do appear. I'm pretty grossed-out by this, but I can't help feeling a little bit of pride in her talent. Most dogs don't really do anything to help out around the house but ours occasionally does!

Warning: Two back-to-back posts about the dog? This blog is entering dangerous territory! It's a good thing Norah and Atticus will be home soon so I can start boring you with "what my kid did" stories instead!


Ed said...

Yea Stella, good girl.

chou-chou said...

Good dog!

And what a relief to know that the dead mouse had nothing to do with the fresh mozzarella. :-)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Betsy, a little late, from me and Helena, who's sitting here with me. We have a mouse, too, which we still haven't caught, and it had a party while we were gone for Christmas. We had the Dora tent out a little bit today, which all three kids enjoyed. Leo kept knocking it over. Helena says thank you. "I love you. I really like the Dora tent that you gave me. I played in it. I hope Norah and Atticus like their toys from BB. I hope you have a good adoption. Leo and Theo said thank you for their toys. Love Helena and Amy"