Monday, December 31, 2007

Five Weeks from Today

We spent yesterday afternoon at the home of friends who have a 7 pound 3-week-old. Between holding him and holding our other friends' 21-pound 6-month-old (who, for the clothes-buying grandmas reading this, fit nicely in 6-9 month rompers), we got in lots of baby time. Let me tell you, Paul looks pretty darn sweet holding a baby.

Even with a couple of two-year-olds thrown into the mix, it all seemed pretty manageable. Hold the baby, feed the baby, play with the baby, talk to the baby, change the baby... So I'm not sure why I felt a total wave of adrenaline when I was lying in bed last night. Wow. Five weeks from today we are going to be the ones responsible for doing these things. It's so exciting, a little terrifying, and right now it seems totally unreal.

In other news: The greatest thing about being some of the few of our high school friends who have stayed in our hometown is that come holiday season we get a deluge of visitors. I love having everybody around and right now we have two friends staying with us for the long weekend. What a treat!

Paul gave me an Ergo Baby Carrier (mine is cranberry) for my birthday. This came highly recommended by several people including someone who still carries his 4 year-old in it while they hike. It's so well-padded and comfortable that we may just splurge on a second one to take with us to Ethiopia. We're going to be holding them so much, especially during our two 5 hour layovers, that I think it might be worth it.


chou-chou said...

ooh - I just got an Ergo, too!! Can't wait to actually get to use it.

Happy New Year to you!!

Alexandra said...

I get chills thinking that in FIVE weeks all the wait will be over. How very, very exciting! (and belated happy birthday to you too!)

LilySea said...

Definitely worth it! With two babies, get two Ergos or whatever carrier you're using. I couldn't travel without my wrap. Makes all the difference--especially if your arms have any soreness left from those shots.

LISA said...

Just played catch-up on yuur blog! Congratulations!