Sunday, November 11, 2007

A New Look for a New Era

If there were more templates that I like, I would probably be changing the format of this blog weekly - it's fun to play around with the different choices!

It was wonderful visiting our friends this weekend. I suppose there won't be many more weekends when it's easy to jump in the car with one change of clothes and drive without much planning or gear. I'm going to try to appreciate it while it lasts! I was able to meet our friends' baby this weekend for the first time as well - such a happy and fun little guy! I can't wait to have our own at home!

Paul is still in San Francisco at a conference. I'm so, so, so grateful that he was home when we got The Call. I can't imagine what it would have been like if it had come 12 hours later when he was out of town. I'm excited for him to return tomorrow. Tomorrow will also mark the start of construction on our fence. Those of you who have visited our house know what a great addition that will be!


Alexandra said...

You know what made me smile today upon visiting your blog? That you now have labels that say "Atticus and Norah"! So much changes in a matter of a few days! :)

Lisa J. said...

Congratulations on your referrals! I know what you mean about being glued to the computer. Our baby boy is also at Toukoul. A family I met online is traveling this month to pick up their baby and said they would visit Toukoul and take pictures of the babies waiting to come home. If you are interested, let me know. As far as I know it's mostly Dove families and Adoption Avenues.