Friday, November 9, 2007

How It Happened

Thanks so much to everyone for the barrage of good wishes! It has been so much fun getting to tell people and share our pictures! As several people predicted, I didn't sleep last night. Well, I did fall asleep for about half an hour but then I felt compelled to get up and check my e-mail again to make sure this isn't all a hallucination!

All of the sudden I have so much to post about but I'm still not feeling very articulate. Regardless, I don't want to forget the details of The Call or last night's celebrating, so I'll do my best to recount it a little bit.

The Call occurred when I was driving to get my hair cut at about 3:45pm yesterday. My cellphone rang and I didn't recognize the number. I usually don't talk while I'm driving, but decided to answer it because I thought it was a friend who had been trying to get a hold of me for some time. When I answered, our adoption coordinator was on the other end. As she said hello, I told myself she was just checking in and I shouldn't get excited. Then she asked if I wanted to know who our kids are. I said I needed to pull over! She asked what I wanted to know first. EVERYTHING! She started out by saying we had a baby daughter. A DAUGHTER?! A BABY?! Born approximately 8/5/07. And we had a SON born approximately 4/24/07! I took notes as she was telling me about where they were found and their health records. I felt reasonably calm at the time, but my notes prove otherwise.

When we hung up, I started frantically trying to reach Paul. I tried his cell, I tried his office number, I tried the cell numbers of several friends he works with, I tried random numbers within the company's system. I couldn't reach him. It had only been about 10 minutes at this point, but I was already beginning to wonder how long I would last before calling other people to blurt out the news if I couldn't reach Paul. I had to tell someone! The hair salon ended up being the first to know we'd gotten our referral because I had to call to cancel my appointment that I was already late for.

I drove home and finally reached Paul. Our coordinator had e-mailed me photos and medical information about both kids immediately after getting off the phone with me and I was DYING to see those photos. We decided to open them at the same time. However, I couldn't get the pictures to open when I clicked on the links of Wokenesh and Paul could. He was tearing up and telling me how beautiful she was and I couldn't see! A few frantic minutes later, we'd solved the problem and I don't know how long we looked at the pictures and talked about them tearily before hanging up so Paul could drive home.

When he arrived at home we spent more time looking over their pictures and medical history and just hugging each other in disbelief. By that point I was getting really antsy to start calling people, but we needed to call our coordinator first and ask her some follow-up questions. Finally, the time had arrived for us to begin calling family and friends. It was a really, really fun night.

Paul had to leave the house this morning at 4 am to make a flight to San Francisco for a conference this weekend. I had planned to get the laundry done yesterday afternoon, but that obviously didn't happen so I have no idea what he ended up packing. Like I said, we didn't get much sleep last night!

This morning I arrived at school a little early so I could show off our kids to my coworkers who have also been waiting impatiently. More fun! I also had my yearly physical scheduled. My blood pressure was 30 points higher than it usually is which concerned the nurse until I told her about our excitement. I showed her the pictures and she asked me to wait a moment. She came back in with a photo of a happy family with two little boys. She pointed to the baby in the picture and told me it was her son that she'd placed for adoption three years earlier with the family and then raved about what a great family they were and how happy she was that her son was with them. My doctor was adopted herself and has been very supportive of us through the process, so she was also really excited to see the pictures. (Yes, I did show EVERYONE the pictures today, even the college volunteers at school who don't know me.)

Oh, and we have agreed on names! They will be baptized Atticus Tedros Ourlast and Norah Wokenesh Ourlast! We had been fairly certain that we would be going with the name Norah if it fit a daughter, but we were truly undecided about a boy's name until last night. The name Atticus had been on the table for quite some time and it was my personal favorite, so I was delighted when Paul said he thought it would be a good fit. He could have demanded to name the baby Bubba and I still would have been over the moon, but finalizing two names that we both like made the night even happier (as if that were possible!).

It will probably be several months (February or March I'd wager) before we're able to fly to Ethiopia to bring them home. It's sure to be a whole new torturous time of waiting, but for now I'm just really happy although, of course, we both wish we could fly over there right now. They're so little and I just hope they're being taken care of and loved by the staff at the orphanage.

I'm sure I'll think of more I should have added later, but for now I think I'm ready to crash. Again, thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support! Getting to spread the word last night made for one of the best and most memorable times in my life. I promise I'll keep you all updated!


Ed said...

My you still sound so excited..It must be a great feeling to now know that your are getting both a son and a daughter and that they are so close in age. I'm sure that will be a big help while they are growing up.

LilySea said...

I hope your travel calculations are as wrong as your referral calculations were and you're there in January! As long as I'm hoping, December! (I know that's really unlikely, but one can hope.)

Amy said...

That means your daughter was born right after you moved us in...did anything feel any different about that weekend to you?

Diane said...

Congratulations! The babies are adorable and I love that you chose Atticus for your son's name. Now there will be 2 boys, born in Ethiopia, growing up in America, named Atticus. I think that's kind of cool.

Kim said...

So so so so so so so happy for you both!!!! I can't wait to meet them!! (I bet you can't either :)