Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Good Wife's Guide

Most of us have probably seen The Good Wife's Guide at some point in time. It's allegedly from a 1955 edition of Good Housekeeping and extols wives to prepare for their husband's return from a hard day at work by gussying up, tidying the house, and admonishing the kids to be quiet. It's sexist and sets the bar a tad bit high. I remember thinking the first time I read it, however, that it would be so, so nice to come home to a clean home and a welcoming spouse each day. Who wouldn't love that?

I returned home from New York last night to find Paul had scrubbed out the inside of our refrigerator, vacuumed, wiped down the bathroom sinks, and generally tidied up. He has a much higher threshold for messiness than I, so this was done purely for my benefit. What more could anyone want (except for a referral, of course)?

Speaking of referrals, Paul had his own short-lived excitement yesterday. He opened an envelope from our agency to see a bunch of paperwork entitled "Understanding Your Child's Referral Information". A bunch of medical test results, developmental reports, and a letter about where the child was found were included. Unfortunately, when he looked more carefully he saw they were all clearly labeled SAMPLE. Bummer.

There has been another delay for the families from our agency who are awaiting travel dates. Their court dates have been pushed back an extra week. Again, I think we might have to wait for a referral until after they pick up their kids, so... who knows - More waiting for everyone involved.

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