Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Breath In, Breath Out, Throw Clay As Necessary

I had my first ceramics class in ages last night. My mom paid for a 4-week class as an early Christmas present. I've taken courses before. It doesn't seem that long ago, but I realized last night that I'd never tried to throw a pot before while wearing my wedding ring, so it must have been at least 4 years ago. I've really, really missed working with clay. There's something so therapeutic about kneading the clay, staring at the wheel, bringing up the pot, and destroying your mistakes. Plus, the studio is always warm (important in these cold winter months) and there are usually neat people that I get to know while in class. I should have enrolled in a course a long time ago.

I'm a little frustrated today about adoption stuff. We were told we would receive weight and health updates on Monday and we haven't gotten them yet. I'm pretty sure that it's because our agency has been very busy with a huge number of families whose cases went through court yesterday. As far as a I know, all of the court hearings were successful (i.e. none of them were cancelled) and all the families were also given embassy and travel dates yesterday. I'm sure our agency has had its hands very full calling all of those families and answering their questions. All in all, this is very good news. I'm delighted to know that families are making plans to travel. I'm just bummed because it feels like we don't know anything at all about Atticus and Norah. I can't tell people when they'll be home, what they like to do, or even how much they weigh. What kind of a crappy mother doesn't know anything about her kids?


AnneMarie said...

Glad you're enjoying the class. I feel the same way about working with clay on the wheel, altho my results were never as good as yours.
"What kind of a crappy mother doesn't know anything about her kids?" A mother with a heart of gold who is anxiously awaiting any and all news about her kids.


chou-chou said...

Oh, I LOVE working with clay. It's been ages since I've done it, but I remember it being very calming and therapeutic.

Jen said...

I love ceramics. I've taken two community classes since this whole TTC thing started and it's wonderfully therapeutic. You're a good mother - just one who can't wait to meet her babies!