Friday, October 19, 2007

Twenty-Two Weeks (Not That I'm Counting)

Tomorrow will mark 22 weeks since our dossier reached Ethiopia. On the Ethiopian adoption blog I frequent, a woman this summer received significant sympathy for having to wait that long before receiving her referral. I'm just saying...

In all honesty, I'm not entirely prepared to add two children to our lives. We have the following items tucked away in our home waiting for them:

  • a pair of pink-striped tights, size 2T (the first thing I bought - Keep in mind that we don't know the gender of our future kids)

  • 33 gigantic disposable diapers (a gift from one of my mother-in-law's daycare parents whose child had been potty-trained)

  • 2 sippy cups that my mom bought last week

  • 2 stuffed monkeys

I know that people adopt domestically all the time with very little notice and their children survive just fine. I'm sure that a few quick trips to Target and some creativity can solve a lot of "stuff" problems. I'm also remembering the time our niece, who was about two, was sitting on my lap (I was wearing a short skirt) and asked for a drink of water. Without thinking about it, I offered her my glass of ice water which she promptly dumped down my legs. Or the time our friends' three kids came to stay with me for the day and I was shocked to find out we had absolutely nothing in our fridge they would eat. Hummus? Leftover tofu stir fry? Gin and tonic? In hindsight, seating them on our couch with their oatmeal also wasn't a good idea.

I'm a teacher. Anticipating logistical problems and messes is a part of my training. I've worked with small children in the past, so I don't understand why certain complications that would seem glaringly obvious to most onlookers don't occur to me. Maybe I'm just a very hands-on learner? At any rate, going from zero to two children overnight is sure to be a learning experience for all of us.


LilySea said...

For the record, Nat would have loved your hummus and tofu stir-fry!

jana said...

i miss you betsy and i would love to wear those tights!

sarah said...

Yup, Nora would eat the hummus and tofu stirfry too! And she has those same tights... :)

Ann said...

Sadie loves hummus and would probably eat tofu stir fry, depending on the sauce...she likes tofu but is not a big fan of teriyaki or soy type sauces.

Super cute tights!

Jen said...

I cannot wait until those tights are filled.

I made a baby registry on Amazon. If we get a last minute placement, at the very least I have a list of everything I'll need, and at the most, I click "buy everything and send it overnight!" and we're good to go. It is very strange, though, to have so little preparation.