Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Guess I'm a Blogger Now

After hearing from my mother that an e-mail I'd sent about somebody's experience adopting from Ethiopia had practically gone viral, I started thinking that there might possibly be a market out there for my own blog about our family. So here it is - my maiden post.

I hope I'll have some interesting information to post soon. Right now I don't have any terribly exciting news about our adoption to post. The courts in Ethiopia re-opened last week after being closed for nearly two months. They close every year for the rainy season and in the past it's caused huge back-ups in the entire process. Since the court opening though, everyone who had submitted their paperwork ahead of us has received their referrals. On Friday a woman who submitted her dossier the month after us got a referral. I fought back the urge to yell "LINE CUTTER! NO FAIR IT'S OUR TURN" when I read that. The board of the orphanages matches children in need of homes with the parents they feel will be the best fit so it's all very woo-woo cosmically mystical and referrals aren't given out in order. So... we could get a referral any day now or it could be months. Every time the phone rings I think it might be our adoption coordinator: Don't be surprised if you call our house and I sound breathless and disappointed when I find out who's calling!

I'm a little grouchy and anxious these days waiting for our referral. Paul has lots of faith that the agency is saving the perfect kids for us but mainly I walk around convinced they've either forgotten us or decided that we're not parent-material. Meanwhile, we're having a nice weekend spending time with Pat, going tailgating, and shopping with my mom. Well, I went shopping (baby shopping!) - Paul stayed home and watched the game. I'm getting the sense that I need to schedule a lot of activities for myself in order to stay calm and optimistic.

This post is starting to get really long and I haven't even invited anybody to read it yet. If this blogging thing seems to work out I figure it will be a good way to keep everyone updated once our kids come home.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


leslie said...

i loved your blog....and the picture of stella was cute with alittle mischief in her eyes..great idea to keep us all updated..loved the letter your mother forwarded to me about the other adoption...thinking of you and paul everyday and look forward to seeing you write about your referral!!! take ess

Amy said...
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Anne Marie said...

What a good idea! This should save your sanity somewhat in that people will be able to check here for news, rather than constantly asking you for updates. I'm sure once you have your referrals, you'll be thrilled to be asked for updates.


Ann said...

Terrific idea to have a blog! It will be so great for your kids to have it to look back and see all the things you were thinking while you were waiting for them.
-Ann (mrs. k.)

Ed said...

Love your blog..great way to keep us all up to date and informed about your adoption staus and the status of your referral.
Love Uncle Eddie and Aunt Donna

LilySea said...

Welcome to blogging! I do think we need more Ethopia blogs.

Hoping your referral comes sooner rather than later!

sara said...

Hi Betsey,
I love your blog. I am always asking my mom about you. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and Paul.
Sara, Bob, Kally, Kerri, and Matthew